Springwood becomes a Wel.Co community – FAQs

Who is Wel.Co?

Wel.Co is a national development company, behind some of Australia’s fastest growing and most sought after communities. The Wel.Co team have more than 50 years’ of combined experience and expertise in delivering residential, commercial/retail and mixed use developments across the country.

Led by Founder and Managing Director, Andrew Welsh, at the core of every Wel.Co project is a commitment to integrity, supported by the team’s expertise and understanding that development is not just about efficient construction and delivery, but building the foundations for communities to thrive.

To learn more about Wel.Co and other communities in their expanding portfolio, visit https://welcogroup.com.au/.

When did Springwood officially become a Wel.Co community?

Springwood officially joined Wel.Co’s portfolio of residential community developments on Tuesday, 22 June 2021.

What influenced Wel.Co’s decision to secure Springwood?

Significant economic investment, a growing population and job creation in sectors like health, defence and technology in Adelaide’s north mean there is an increasing demand for high-quality homes and amenities in the Gawler region.

Wel.Co’s strategic decision to add Springwood to its growing portfolio of residential communities was driven by this demand, paired with the high-quality of the Springwood offering, thanks to strong sales over the past year, a steady pipeline of buyers and the construction of the Springwood Village Centre retail precinct.

Springwood is exactly the type of community Wel.Co is passionate about cultivating — it’s carefully planned, it’s liveable and it’s well-connected, and is setting the benchmark for other developments in Adelaide’s north.

Wel.Co has significant experience in developing residential communities across Australia, and are incredibly well-placed to build upon the momentum that Springwood has gathered over the past few years by continuing its development at an accelerated rate.

What will change at Springwood under Wel.Co’s management?

Despite the change in development company, it is business as usual at Springwood.

Wel.Co is committed to delivering on the Springwood masterplan, including the Springwood Village Centre retail precinct, and retaining an emphasis on the natural environment, with wide spacing between blocks, tree lined streets and plenty of parks and reserves.

Existing project staff have been employed by Wel.Co and will continue in their roles at the development, and existing local suppliers, contractors and other project partners will also continue to provide services to Springwood.

Under Wel.Co’s management, Springwood will also continue to provide hundreds of jobs and homes for the local community.

Over the coming months and years, the Wel.Co team are looking forward to applying their expertise to breathe new life into Springwood. This will include enhancing and strengthening the range of blocks, lifestyle and community on offer at Springwood, and accelerating the pace of development to meet current and future demand.

Will the Springwood Village Centre retail precinct, including the Drakes Supermarket, still be opening in 2022?

Absolutely. Wel.Co look forward to working with Leyton Property and Drakes Supermarkets to realise the vision for the Springwood Village Centre retail precinct, and ensure the delivery of this much-anticipated shopping precinct for Springwood residents.

What about all the other amenities included in the Springwood master plan, like the Where We Grow childcare centre, community oval and future school? Will they still be coming to Springwood too?

Absolutely. We’re focused on realising the vision for Springwood outlined in the masterplan, and these amenities are critical to support the growth and development of the Springwood community.

Will you still run community events, like the Residents’ Christmas Party?

It’s clear that you — the residents of Springwood — have established a friendly, engaged and welcoming community. Wel.Co is committed to fostering this sense of community, by continuing to host and support a variety of community events and local community groups.

How will the change in development company affect the day-to-day operations and maintenance of Springwood?

Despite the change in development company, it is business as usual at Springwood for now, with no changes in the day-to-day management and maintenance of Springwood.

Existing project staff have been employed by Wel.Co, and will continue in their roles at the development — including Emma Chambers and Nathan Cag in the Springwood Discovery Centre, and Anthony Andolfatto as Springwood’s Senior Development Manager.

Will this change of development company impact my contract or settlement date, and if so, how?

No, the change of development company will not impact any purchase contract between yourself and Springwood, nor will it impact your settlement date either.

Will we have a chance to meet the Wel.Co team?

Yes, Wel.Co are looking forward to meeting with you in the coming months, and are planning a community event to do so.

Who can I speak to if I have any questions or feedback that I want to give to Wel.Co?

The Wel.Co team are looking forward to meeting with you in the coming months. In the meantime, if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Springwood’s Senior Development Manager, Anthony Andolfatto by emailing anthony@myspringwood.com.au.