Titles are issued

This collection of blocks come complete with titles and development approval already issued, meaning no waiting to get started. The admin has been done, the development approvals are signed, and titles have been registered, which all adds up to your new home being ready sooner.

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Builders are ready

Springwood’s partner builders are set to go as well. So, once your land has settled they can start work in as little as three months, making your new home a reality in no time at all.


Prices are fixed

Not only do many of our partner builders offer assurances of starting within three months of settlement, but many are also willing to offer a fixed-price guarantee, giving you even greater certainty and no surprises or price hikes down the track.


Move in within months!

With both the land and our builders ready to go, you could be moving into your new home in a matter of months. This convenience and certainty is incredibly rare, so don’t delay.

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