Meet the Oermann’s

For Springwood residents Belinda and Michael Oermann, the opportunity to own nearly 1,500sqm of land to build their dream home was too good to pass up.

“We were looking something with a backyard for the kids to play in – but after looking at a few developments, we found that the land sizes were just too small,” said Michael.

“The block sizes were bigger at Springwood. In fact, we liked them so much, that we decided to purchase two!”

The Oermann’s moved to Springwood five years ago, and own two adjacent blocks at Springwood, making one big property of just under 1,500sqm.

“On one block we’ve got our house and backyard, and on the other, a synthetic grass tennis court and a shed,” explained Belinda.

“The opportunity for us to purchase two blocks was unbelievable – that’s not really an option in many developments.”

Community-minded Belinda and Michael both grew up in Adelaide’s north, work in the area, and send their two children – Matilda and Patrick – to local school, Trinity College.

They’ve loved being part of the Springwood community and have formed strong relationships with their neighbours over the years, said Belinda.

“Springwood is such a lovely estate – its quiet, its peaceful, it’s very community-based, and they hold really nice events.

“We’ve had street parties for Australia Day, Christmas and Halloween with our neighbours, and hold meet-and-greets too.

“Across the road from us now there are a couple of defence families, and they’ve all got kids that are about the same age as ours, so they play together and recognise each other from kindy.”

The Springwood Village Centre and Gawler East Link Road were big selling points for Michael and Belinda when considering whether to move to Springwood – and with completion now on the horizon, the family are looking forward to added convenience and reduced travel times.

“We can’t wait for the new village centre!” said Michael.

“It’ll make life so much more convenient; we won’t have to go into Gawler – the kids will be able to just hop on their bikes and we can shoot down to the shops in no time,” said Michael.

“And the Link Road too,” added Belinda. “Once that’s complete, then we’ll have a much quicker drive to Trinity.”

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